Class Feis 2017

Class Feis Important Information

Location: North Hull Community Centre

Date: Sunday 1st October

Please make sure that all dancers in Group 1 arrive at 8:30am, and all subsequent groups need to arrive 45 minutes before their group is due to start and should be ready to dance. Where possible we will run ahead of time so that we can finish early.

Dancers in groups 1 – 3 should wear either:

  • the new class costume – navy leotard, navy skirt, with white poodle socks


  • the original class costume – black leotard, pink skirt, with white poodle socks.

All dancers should also have their hair up if possible or gripped back from their face.

Dancers need to bring with them:

  • 2 safety pins
  • Plenty to drink and snacks (there will be limited catering)
  • It would be lovely if the dancers could wear their McKeown items around on the day so we can get lots of lovely pictures!


9am – 10am: Group 1

10am – 11:15am: Group 2

11:15am – 12:30pm: Group 5

12:30pm – 1:00pm: LUNCH

1:00pm – 2:15pm: Group 4

2:15pm – 3:30pm: Group 3

3:30pm – 4:00pm: Freestyle Competition

4:00pm – 4:15pm: Final awards and close

Not sure which group your child is in? For privacy, we have only posted the group names on our private Facebook group. Please request to join our parents Facebook group to see this information, or speak to us at class.

Facebook group search: ‘McKeown Academy Parents’.

On the day

As much as Tara and Emily would love to be able to answer any questions you may have on the day, we’ll probably be running around sorting out the dancers! If you do have a question, please speak to our helpers on the front desk and they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Please also remember that there is a £5 entry fee on the door for spectators and a £3 entry fee for non-dancing children (this is a fundraising event).

… and most importantly!

This is will be the first time that a lot of our dancers have competed and we want to stress that this is a friendly competition. Please encourage your children to enjoy the experience and to support each other, regardless of their own results. This is an open event, so it’s the perfect event to bring along grandparents, friends and family and we hope that it will be a fantastic day.


Tara, Emily, Hannah and the MIDA team